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Pacific School Site Council

School Site Council

The School Site Council is a school based decision-making organization whose central focus is supporting the best decisions for the students and staff.  The School Site Council provides a means to improve communication and collaboration between the school and the community.

Who may be members of School Site Council?

The School Site Council is composed of our school community, with half of the group representing the professional school staff and half representing parents of Pacific students.

Who may attend School Site Council meetings?

All School Site Council meetings are open to the public and members of our community are encouraged to attend.  

What are the major responsibilities of the School Site Council?

The major responsibilities of the advisory forum include the following:

  • Develop the Coordinated Summary of the School Improvement Plan,
  • Reviewing and approving the School Improvement Budget,
  • Monitoring and evaluating the overall effectives of the school program and,
  • Participating in program reviews to affirm strengths and identify areas for growth and improvement at Pacific School.