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We are looking for some parents to be "Friends of Pacific Garden".
There are some wonderful opportunities throughout the year to come and see what your children are growing and help us harvest and sow. In November the students will be planting our Winter garden with Mrs. Liu. During planting weeks, those of you that are science lab volunteers will come to the garden during science lab. We could always use a couple of extra hands tho'. Sometime in February we will begin our harvest season and hopefully will have a healthy bounty for a salad party. Once the harvest is over, we will need help preparing our beds with fresh soil for the new season and a new batch of seeds.  We hope to host a farmers market sometime in late Spring so the whole school can enjoy what the students have grown.  You don't need to commit to everything, just be on an email list of interested parents. We will send out an occasional list of things coming up and if you have a spare hour or two to pitch in that would be great!  We think it is truly fun being in the garden and getting just a little dirty! Come check it out!
If interested, please contact Julie McMahon and Cibele Leon.