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Dress Code

We request that students wear clean, appropriate clothing to school.  Students should begin the school day clean and well-groomed. If your child’s grooming or clothing detracts from the educational program in the school, we may send your child home and ask that he or she return properly prepared for school. 

We request that students wear rubber-soled shoes appropriate for P.E. activities. This is for their safety in the classroom and on the playground.  No flip-flops, sandals, jellies, shoes with wheels, cowboy boots, UGG-type boots or smooth-soled dress shoes

 T-shirts with inappropriate sayings or graphics, cutout tank tops, muscle shirts, crop tops, and short-shorts are not allowed.  Caps, scarves, and hats may be worn on the playground, but not in the classroom or cafeteria. Hats should not be worn backwards.  Please, no bare midriffs or visible underwear for children (and parent volunteers, too).