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Good Nutrition Helps Learning

We ask that your child have a nourishing breakfast each morning before school.  For lunch, students can buy a healthy school lunch or bring their own.  School lunch costs $3.00 per meal.  You can download a monthly menu from 



Nutrikids, the District’s electronic point of sale system, provides parents a convenient, easy, and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into their child’s school meal account at any time.  This service also provides parents the ability to view their account balance.

 To access these services, simply log on to and register your student.  You will need your child’s permanent student ID number (the number that appears on report cards, class schedules and most official documents you receive from the district).

 The hot, nutritionally balanced lunch includes milk. If your child cannot drink milk, please submit a written notice from your child’s doctor to substitute juice.


Free Or Reduced Price Lunches

All students participating in the free or reduced lunch program must use their Nutrikids account.  Parents must deposit a sufficient amount of money on the account to cover the cost of reduced fee of $0.40 per daily lunch.  Our system will not allow $0.40 cash payment at the register.  We recommend a $10 deposit at a time, as long as your child does not purchase any items a la carte or any second meals, as they are not included in the NSLP program.


Lunches From Home

We encourage nutritious lunches.  Our district has a well-established Wellness Policy (please refer to for more information).  Please adhere to this policy when planning lunches.  Do not send soft drinks, non-biodegradable, squeeze-type sweet drinks, or drinks in cans or bottles. Please do not send candy

 If your child brings lunch from home, milk, flavored milk, soy milk, or orange juice may be purchased for 50 cents.


Parents:  please do NOT deliver any fast food lunches to your child at school!