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Picking up Students Early/Tardy Procedure

When Students Are Late

We expect students to arrive at school on time.  A student entering class late not only impacts his/her own learning but also disrupts the flow of the classroom and the entire community of learning.   Upon arrival, tardy students must check in at the office.   If your child has several tardies, the school office will send home a letter in October, January and May.  A formal Excessive Tardy/Absence letter from the School Attendance and Review Board (SARB) will be sent home in October, January and May.  Please teach your child punctuality.

Both the California Administration Code and the Education Code state that every pupil must attend school regularly. When a child is excessively tardy, a parent-teacher-student conference will be held. If the problem continues, a parent-administrator-student conference will be scheduled. Excessive tardiness may result in referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).

Picking Up Your Child Early

If you need to take your child out of school before the end of the school day:

  1. Send a note in with your child stating the time your child will be picked up, by whom, and the reason for the early release.
  2. Go to the school office, not the classroom. Teachers can not release a student to a parent directly from the classroom.
  3. Sign the release form in the office. The office staff will call the classroom and your child will meet you in the office.
  4. All adults must be prepared to show photo identification.

This simple procedure protects your child.  We will not release a student to anyone except the parent, legal guardian, or a person you have authorized to pick up your child.  Please list all authorized individuals on the emergency card.